Cosplay Platform built with Blockchain technology

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3.1 ~ 5.6

Private Sale!

1ETH = 11,000COT


Resident in the United States, Japan, or other countries where ICO is prohibited or restricted by laws, cannot participate in this tokensale.

DO NOT USE your cryptoexchange ETH wallet address or ETH address created with Ethereum client without access to a private key (, coinbase or online Ethereum wallets)!

ERC-20 Compatible wallet such as below.
We recommend MyEtherWallet.

Please remit from MyEtherWallet.
Send COT to the address used for remittance.

You are solely responsible for your payment. Please double check carefully before the transaction.
We will distribute it within 2 weeks from May 31.

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Sustainable development of Cosplay Economy

As the world’s largest Cosplay platform, we have a strong emphasis on providing community service which is characterized by self-sustainability and development.

Cosplay Economy has been drawing attentions as a market in recent years. However, cosplayers and people working close to them have their challenges, and for the sustainable development of the Cosplay economy, we need measures to meet and resolve them.

We will take on the challenge with the power of blockchain technology, a revolutionary technology since the advent of Internet.

We announce ICO with issuance of our own “Cosplay Token” which is to become de-facto currency of Cosplay Economy.


Research & Development

Bussines Development

  • White Paper Announcement
  • Private Token Sale
  • Cosplay Event (Global)
  • Start Platform Development
  • Recruitment
  • Public Token Sale
  • Server transition of Cure WorldCosplay
  • β Platform Release
  • Digital Membership Card Implementation
  • MEET UP (Tokyo)
  • Cosplay TV Show (Japan)
  • Cosplay Event (Japan)
  • Renewed Platform Release
    (Bancor Protocol Implementation)
  • β Apps Release
  • MEET UP (Global)
  • Platform Tutorial Release
  • Registered Member Reaches 1million
  • iOS/Android Apps Release
  • Support 20 languages
  • Cosplay TV Show (Global)
  • Implement micropayment function
    (e.g. Tip Token)
  • Registered Member Reaches 2 million
  • App Reaches 1million downloads
  • Registered Member Reaches 4million
  • App Reaches 2million downloads
  • Registered Member Reaches 8million
  • App Reaches 4million downloads

Buy COT with ETH

Send the desired amount of ETH to the address ( Minimum : 1 ETH )

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